Russian Soldier St Petersburg by GranticusIV

Imperial Guard officer in the defence of Leningrad

Ånö City Imperial GuardEdit

The Ånö City regiment of the Imperial Guard are the standing army of Ånö City.

It consist of Human elite soldiers and the most heavy tanks you have ever seen. The most known part of the guard

are the god like War titans.

The Only power that surpases it's power is the Red Armada.

Noteble battles

The fall of capitalism in Washington

The Imperial Guard was the first force to arive in the battle, launching a massive sea to land assoult. They where locked in the siege of Washington for over 3 months. It are counted as one of the bloodies and greatest victories in the history of the union.

Defence of Leningrad

The capitalist forces tryed to launch an assoult at ånö city, landing in the main harbour and finnal resting place of Lenin. At first they were sucesfull, murdering thousend of innocent civilians. after one day of mindless murdering,

the Imperial Guard arived at the scene, reppeling, and finnaly, crushing the capitalist invasion force. This is how the cold war ended, and the beggining of the fall ov capitalism.

The fur fag war

The dangerous and numberless furfags was atacking the northern borders of Ånö City, forching the hand if Stalin, who sent in the Imperial Guard and the Red Armada. After many days of fighting, the furfags lay dead

slaughterd to the last fag by the glourious soviet repiblic.