The Assault on Stalingrad was a part of Operation Barbarossa in which Wehrmacht assaulted the holy city of Stalingrad.

The battle was very rough and countless Germans and Soviet soldiers were killed. The Soviet Commissars and soldiers managed to stand their ground while the civilians were evacuated. The hectic sniper duel between Erwin König and Vasilij Zajtsev occured during this assault. When the Germans had amassed a million troops not far from Stalingrad, it was clear that the Red Army had to make a tactical maneuver to the east (note: not retreat) to spare troops for the rest of the war.

The city of Stalingrad was not left for the Germans to take unchallenged however, as Stalin himself soon arrived to the scene to defend his home city alone, in which would be called the Battle of Stalingrad.

Notable participantsEdit

Erwin König

Vasilij Zajtsev

Commissar Andropov



Fat and cowardly commanding Soviet guy

Vasilij's love interest (forgot her name)