Military conflict
Hiding in bushes




Two German soldiers try to hide in the bushes from Stalin.

The Battle of Stalingrad was a major battle in World War 2, in which the Germans got to experience the wrath of Stalin at first hand.

After the initial Assault on Stalingrad, the Germans believed Stalingrad would be empty for them to take, but the Wehrmacht army were surprised when the holy leader of the Soviet Union himself, Josef Stalin, waited for them in the city.

So began a month-long contest of the city. The Wehrmacht army, 1 million soldiers strong, had brought tanks, airplanes, artillery cannons and were equipped with the finest of German weaponry. Stalin had a lot of weaponry to use himself, that had been left by the maneuvering Red Army. Stalin had tanks, airplanes, cars and supplies available on such a scale that he basicly had unlimited vehicles and ammunition to use.

The battle went on, and the Germans tried to keep a constant pressure on Stalin, but he remained tireless and there's nothing that indicates that the even slept over the course of the month-long battle.

The German numbers dwindled away until only one tenth of the initial force was left. The remaining German commanders consulted with each other - this wasn't a battle they could win, and Stalin was unstoppable. They feared Stalin more than punishments back home, so after a month of fighting they surrendered to Stalin. Stalin showed how forgiving he was by accepting the Germans surrender, and by having no extra punishment brought on them for the near-destruction of his home city (they only had to sit in Gulag for a year or so before they was released back to Germany after the war was over).