Constantinople== Also known as the Jewel of the south, the white city and the tading capital of the world, Constantinople is an great city and capital in the mediterranean province.


Constantinople was originaly an small vilage called "Byzantum" in the eastern parts of ancient Rome. When the Roman emperor decided to split the Empire in two, Byzantum was named the capital of the eastern roman empire. The city changed name to Constantinople, and its original name was moved over the the Empires name, the Byzantine Empire. Under the Byzantines rule, the city grew heavily from trade. being situated on the Silk Road, it controlled the only route to the wealths of China and Persia.

But Byzantine was an old empire, focused on old order, it could not cope with the changes of the world around it.

Around 1200, it finally fell to Turkish invaders, who changed the name to Istanbul.

But when the nordlings of the Stor Svenska riket knocked on the door, the people of Istanbul rised up under the banner of Niko Benedictus, threw of their turkish rulers, and formed the Kingdome of Temeria. After a few years of heavy rearangements in the city's economy and production, the young Kingdome managed to win several battles agains the Svenska riket, witch culmed in the Battle of Constantinople, wich saw the surender of Swedish forces. It has since grown even larger following the peace.


Thanks to the tradin monoploly of the est and south following the defeat of the Stor Svenska riket, the city have continued to grow, and is now the central of learning and trading in the world. Also, its tactical position, being the only crossing big enough for an army betwean southern europe and the middle east, its garrision is almost one million strong, with heavy anti air defence and fixed artillery.

The cities layout is very planned and organised with the city being divided in districts. mayor districts are the merchant, factory, magic and palace district, but there are many more.

It is also the central of magic and learning, being the only city in the world with magic academies and guilds.

And its magic knowledge mixed with its technological edge greatly enhancedes the cities wealth and growt.