Easthammer City is a large city next to Ånö City (then again, which city isn't?) and located in the Nordic Province, Soviet Union. It is merged in a city-union with a former district, Castle City.

It is led by mayor-for-life Radam Smetenskij. Since Radam's rise to Baron Administrator of the Northwestern European province of the glorious Soviet Union, Drygo has temporary taken over the task of running Easthammer as well as Castle City, and has done so flawlessly for the last 62 years.

Famous sectionsEdit

Castle CityEdit

The former district, now a city by itself, have been a home for wealthy barons for centuries. One particularly powerful Baron, Drygo the first, challenged mayor Radam Smetenskij into a duel following Radam's rejection of Drygo's wish to secede. The duel ended with a draw, and both parts agreed that the district should receive autonomy but still remain in a city-union with Easthammer.

Socker-Lootarns GårdEdit

Named after the city's mayor, Radam Smetenskij grew up here before venturing out on conquests with Lusk.

Famous inhabitantsEdit

Radam Smetenskij (present home city is Dronten)