Sweden and Temeria

The Evil Tsardom of Russia in yellow.

The Evil Tsardom of Russia was an evil totalitarian nation that existed in Russia before the Communist revolution.


It was headed by an evil Tsar that, despite not being capitalist, was greedy and evil. The Tsar often let the people starve and the industries decay.

War against SwedenEdit

The Tsardom often fought against Sweden, which despite numerous victories were unable to conquer the Tsardom. In 1709, the Swedish forces led by the puppet king Karl the 12th were defeated at Poltava and failed in their attempt to conquer the Tsardom. The puppet king had to flee south to allied Temeria.

The Russian RevolutionEdit

On order of Stalin, Lenin led a successful revolution in 1917 and deposed the current Tsar. The Evil Tsardom of Russia was transformed into the first Soviet Union and the people were freed from centuries of suffering.

Today, Russia is the top industrial nation, has the best healthcare, the best economy and is first in every other chart over good stuff. Russia is now known as the Soviet Province, which is the main province in the grand Soviet Union.