"Look me in the eyes..."

"Look me in the eyes... and fuck you. FUCK YOOOOU!!!" -Jackface, before eating a victim

Jackface (born Jack Shepard) is a deranged killer from the US. He was aboard Oceanic 815 when it crashed on a mysterious island September 22th 2004. After several years and many mind-twisting plotlines, he appeared to die after he killed the evil smoke monster and plugged the hole in the Light pool in the Heart of the island, saving the island and the world.

But through some mysterious happening (even more mysterious than LOST, actually) he returned to life. Now imbued with the power of the Light, which had fascinated so many scientists and explorers before, he is immortal, has the ability fly, is stronger than Stalin and cannot possibly be hurt or killed. Armed with a new catchphrase and accompanied by an unfitting 90's video game theme, he killed the surviving main characters and devoured their corpses before leaving the island for good, flying over the ocean before hitting ground in Florida. There he started with his plan to kill pretenders Scarface and Leatherface, making way for a 7th season of LOST.

List of LOST Season 7 episodesEdit

  1. "You don't know Jack"
  2. "Face to face"
  3. "Jack the Ripper"
  4. "Nighly feast in Jackson"
  5. "Blood for the Blood God"
  6. "Straitjacket for Jack"
  7. "I would just love to rip you open and wear your ribcage as a hat"
  8. "Jackpot!"
  9. "Roses are red, violets are blue, look me in the eyes and FU"
  10. "Like a jackhammer"
  11. "Lost on LOST"
  12. "Yet another plot twist"
  13. "Black Jack"
  14. "I will eat you"
  15. "Look me in the eyes..."
  16. "Hi, Jack"