Josef Stalin, boss of the Soviet Union

"West is weakness."

--Josef Stalin--

Josef Stalin is the immortal leader for the Soviet Union. He has ruled with an iron fist since 1922, after having continuously risen in the ranks since the October Revolution 1918. He led the Union to victory in World War 2, and later in the Cold War. His quest for a united earth that praises good (communism) is on it's way, and it's only a matter of time until he has freed the entire planet of the plagues of capitalism.

Early LifeEdit

Josef Stalin was born 1900 in what would later be known as Stalingrad. He became a member of the Bolsjeviks during the 1910's, where they crushed all oppositon and restored Russia to order in the October Revolution. For his bravery, Stalin's home city was named after him, and when the Bolsjeviks leader Lenin died, Stalin was put in charge of the greatest nation on earth. He led the Union peacfully through the 20's.

World War 2Edit

The peace was short-lived however, since Adolf Hitler betrayed Stalin in 1939 which led to Stalin's first and so far only mental breakdown. All he needed to regain focus however, was a week of vodka-drinking with his most trusted commanders in a cabin in the woods of Sibiria.

Stalin returned to Moscow and refused to evacuate while the Germans continued to assault the capital. But when he heard that the last line of defense in his home city had made a tactical maneuver to the east, Stalin rushed to the city and challenged the German armies. He singlehandely defeated every enemy soldier, killing over 800000 German soldiers and taking nearly 100000 prisoners, in what would become called the Battle of Stalingrad. Stalin knew that this city had been a monument of hope even before the war, so he decided to make it the new capital of the Soviet Union.

Stalin accompanied the Red Army in the final push into Nazi Germany. In the last month of the war, he had made it into Berlin where he successfully deactivated the Jew-terminating computer program, "the Final Solution". Before he could get his hands on Hitler however, the Führer cowardly took his own life which depleted what little was left of the Germans morale. The Soviet Union stood victorious in the end of World War 2.

Cold WarEdit

USA tried, unsuccessfully, to get rid of the Union. Their failures ended in the Union winning the race to space and the moon, communism winning over capitalism and the dollar sinking to 1/10 of it's former worth. And it used to be worth only 0.0000000001 of one Soviet Ruble or

Imperial Credit.

Beyond the Cold War; the futureEdit

Yet to be implemented.