Karkas is something you can pull.

To "pull a Karkas" means to do something - it's just a stranger way of saying it. And we all fear what we don't understand.

So Karkas is Dr. Smetenskij's plan to take over the world through fear! In the name of the Boss, of course.



The 1 year hiatus and returnEdit

For about a year, the power of Karkas was forgotten and fell into oblivion. On October 9th 2011 however, Radam Smetenskij stumbled upon the term and remembered the powah he once held with the word at his command.

Radam, who was in war with Lusk at the time, quickly massacred Lusk's forces and turned Lusk into a crying little bitch with the powah of Karkas. The world was safe from Lusk for the moment, and the Radama Republic of Free Systems became the new superpower with the fall of the Lusk Totalitarian Confederacy.