Liquidation is the best way to end an enemy's life. Master of the art can liquidate people very quickly and accurate, sparing lots of ammunition and time.

The Soviet Political Commissars are elite-trained in liquidation, as statuating an example is a fast and powerful way to strenghten the morale of the troops.

The liquidation often includes two fast shots (sv: Två snabba skott) directed at the torso or head of the target. Not many enemies can withstand the power of two fast shots, and it's a very good way of getting rid of enemies and traitors alike once you've mastered the art.

Contrary to popular belief, a liquidation can involve only one bullet, or even completely other types of weapons than pistols. It's just that the most common liquidation includes two fast shots from a pistol with an instant effect on the enemy and the morale, which have made the art of liquidation famous.

A new trend in liquidation consists of slitting the target's throat with the little finger, and then watching the red liquid flow.

thumb|left|300px|Liquidation in GMOD

Snitta halsen med lillfingret


A Dunmer snitting dat Orsimer's hals