Niko Hazzan BenedictusEdit

Niko of Temeria, dangerous at war and pitiless at politics, he is a true southern monarch.


Niko was born in around 12000 AD in what was to become Sweden, he dont really know as he did not count years and there existed no civilisation that had any kind of year counting. Not much is know about that time as he keeps it a secret, tough it is rumored that he meet Stalin.

The warrior culture that springed up in Sweden under the rule of Lusk, did not fit Niko, so he moved south, to Rome, there he started an sprawling business empire, and he soon earned an noble status, taking on the surname Benedictus. After the fall of Byzantinum, he moved to Istanbul, falling in love with the great city.

But when he heard about the expanding armies of hes former home surging down south, he rallied the people and threw down the old week rulers of the city, and created The Kingdome of Temeria.

Against all ods, he managed to defeat the Armies of the north, Niko hammerd out an peace with the Northern Kingdome, forging an lasting alliance. After the defeat of the North, Niko quickly qonquerd the lands of the old Roman Empire, and establishing a strong economy and a strong army.

During WW2, Stalin Himself visited Niko, after several hours of talking, Niko announced that the Kingdome would become an province of the Soviet Union.