The flag of Northwest Europe.

Northwest Europe (sv: Nordvästeuropa, ru: Европа Сове́тских Социалисти́ческих Респу́блик) is a province in the glorious Soviet Union. It consists of Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Austria, the Czech Republic, France and Andorra.

It borders to the Mediterranean province in the south, the Nordic province in the north, and the East Europe province in the east.

It is ruled by Governor Radam Smetenskij, who also bears the

Northwest Europe in orange

local title Baron Administrator.

The Capital city is Dronten, located in the Netherlands.


Shaken by two World Wars, the lands that would become Northwest Europe had already seen their share of war when the Cold War erupted. After having retreated from the first conflict in occupied Germany 1949, US forces returned next year to make another attempt to enslave Europe. The capitalists landed their forces in in Normandy, France and IJmuiden, the Netherlands. But Stalin had been warned about the attack by his KGB spies in America, and the Red Armada's Third Dodo Company, who had helped free the region four years before, were quickly deployed to meet the yanks. The invasion lasted no more than 2 weeks before the Armada had chased the yanks back to the States, with minimum casulties and enviromental damage.

The people of north west Europe were once again thankful for the Soviet aid but remained fearful for another American attack, and so they asked the Soviet Union to defend them. The Union complied and absorbed the countries of northwest Europe into the Soviet Union, creating the Soviet province Northwest Europe, with the Third Dodo Company's leader Radam Smetenskij as the governor. Despite new American attempts to conquer Europe in the Cold War, Northwest Europe refuses to back down. The Soviet people are hard at work, and all damage done in the World Wars were already repaired in January 1955.

Northwest Europe is a highly cultural and evolved province. It is strategically important for the Soviet welfare, and a province that the Soviet Union can be proud of.thumb|244px|right|The National Anthem of Northwest Europe