Orks are an peacfull, space farring people, originating

from the planet of Butterfly. They have a love for all plants and living things.


The Orks evolved from the planet of Butterfly, where they

evolved. Their year counting start from their evolvment of

the wheel and the fire, about five milion years before live was created on earth. In the year of Something, they meet the Eldar, who directly started tp fight them. The orks tried to make peace, and refused to fight, but the blood thirsty barbaric legions of Eldars could not stop its savagery and continued to slaughter innocent Ork familys. Finnaly they were forced to atack the Eldar, and in the matter of minutes, they detroyed the Eldar Warbands, but allowed the surviving Eldars to live, and aranged travel for them back to their craftworlds. Then they meet the Mad Humans. The Orks sent a peacfull deligate to make peacfull agrements, but the Humans resolved to eat the diplomats, and make Ork Jam out of it. After relising the loving taste of this new "Jam", the Humans continued to kill and slaughter the Orks, driving them close to extinction. But thanks to their high talents in diplomatics, they convinced the Tyranids to atack the Humans, saving the Orks from totat anihilation. And now they are, yet again, living peacfully in the forests of Butterfly. L