Soviet Red Armada

The Red Armada, formerly the Red Army, is the armed forces of the Soviet Union. It is made up of soldiers from the highly populated Soviet Union, and also from allied and incorporated countries.

The Red Army was started in 1918, after the October Revolution. It did not see much action until World War 2, when Hitler betrayed and attacked the Soviet Union. After having fought of the Nazi invaders, the Red Army followed the enemy to it's home and together with the U.S. army, conquered Nazi Germany in 1945. The west couldn't co-exist with east however, and soon a conflict arose in which the Red Army forced the Americans home and alone took control of Germany. Now that the Union had control over several countries, it was decided that the Red Army was to be improved and evolved into the Red Armada in 1946. The Red Armada has been one of the strongest fighting forces in the world ever since, and are open for any communism-supporting soldier who wish to fight in the name of the Boss.

Important BattlesEdit

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