No one knows exactly where trolls come from and who commands them. Trolls is evrywhere, froums, online games and real live.

We dont know how to stop one, all we know that the only one that hav ever defeated a troll is the Imortal God Emperor of Mankind, who slayed

the infamous troll, Horus, the chaos bitch but it made him incapacitaded and bound to his Golden Throne.


The uppreaper is the belived leader of the trolls, but there is no proof. He is curently resided outside Öregrund, a backwater town, closely located to Ånö City, but that of course, all citys are close to the planet wide Ånö City. its belived that he lives under a bridge in kavaröbridgeway. The most effectiv thing you can do agains this creature is to steal something from him and he will become serious and demand money from you.